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Elie Saab Spring Fashion Colllection

It was back to the seventies at Elie Saab, as on so many other runways this season. The designer name-checked Bianca, Lauren, and Diane, and he attempted to conjure the wild nights of Studio 54 with a lineup that was long on jersey, chiffon, sequins, and the decade’s requisite platform sandals. If it felt like a tepid reimagining of that heady era, especially in light of the disco-y decadence of Louis Vuitton a few hours later, that may be partly explained by the fact that Saab does such a big business with the Hollywood crowd. No actress wants to land on the worst-dressed list, which means today’s red-carpet dressing only pushes the boundaries so far.

Saab’s formula for Spring was best summed up by the closing dress, a blush-peach asymmetrical gown embroidered in tiny squares of sequins: a little bit of shine and a little bit of shoulder, with a glossy mane and lids lined in yellow shadow to match. Michel Gaubert’s soundtrack of Rolling Stones, Blondie, and Diana Ross tunes worked hard to add some sizzle to the proceedings, but the green chartreuse, apricot, slate blue, and smoky white palette didn’t want to comply. A close-fitting column gown ruched on the torso and a cocktail dress with the same draped detail down its back provided a couple of pulse-quickening moments. But you left wanting more of them.


Designer clothes: Sex and the City 2

Another Hits and fashionable for the stars of Sex and the City 2. The ladies stepped out for the red carpet primere of their movies in New York last night.

It’s been four years since audiences last heard from the ladies of Sex and the City, but they’ll get their chance to catch up when the female Fab Four hits the big screen in this week’s Sex and the City: The Movie. Attending the highly anticipated premiere were stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon,

Hollywood fashionista came wore there designer clothes collection. See and joined Carrie, Samatha, Charlotte and Miranda on the red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker aka  Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker says she was so nervous about her neon colored Valentino gown, she hardly slept!

Kim Cattrall aka Samantha Jones

Everyone’s favorite cougar Kim Cattrall shined on the blue carpet in her gold Naeem Khan gown and jewels by Kimberly McDonald.

Kristin Davis aka Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Kristin Davis dressed just like Charlotte would have on a red carpet with a vintage Jean Desses pink strapless gown. She certainly looked pretty in pink!

Cynthia Nixon aks Miranda Hobbes

Cynthia Nixon confessed that she took the safe route with her black Carolina Herrera dress. “I think if fans expect me to be this dressed up in my everyday life, they’re going to be very disappointed. I own a lot of flats,” she joked.

Spring Fashion by Ralph Lauren

“Spectator at its most modern” is how Ralph Lauren defined Spring 2001. Lauren’s collection built upon the polished, well-heeled aesthetic that dominated the New York runways last season, but his new interpretation is graphic and geometric.
Ralph Lauren
Black and white and brown and white served as the leitmotif for mod shift leather dresses, blazers with generous trimmed lapels and pockets and sexy two-tone jeans. The season’s essential crepe de chine skirt pleated, to the knee, and paired with a casual cashmere and silk tank was a laid back alternative to a sinful white crocodile minisuit. Chevron skirts, pinstriped jackets and a glen plaid pantsuit were all worn with the same strings of pearls that were a Fall favorite.

Ralph Lauren 2

The evening looks were also ladylike and controlled Lauren gave lace camisoles and georgette pants lift with a touch of beading, and closed his presentation with three impressive floor-length striped gowns.

Necklines in Evening dress

Evening dresses for women come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, hemlines and necklines. The seemingly endless choices allow women to find a style that works best for their personality and body type. Popular necklines include V-neck, strapless and halter.

V Necklines

V-shaped necklines became increasingly popular in the 60’s, as women wore less structured clothing. Wearing an evening dress with a V-neck is a great way to elongate the neck and display your collarbones. The depth of a V-neck can vary, ranging from a short v-shape to a deep plunge, so if you’re concerned about revealing too much cleavage, be sure to try on the dress prior to purchasing. V-necklines are universally flattering and work well with any body type.


A strapless neckline is a great way to showcase your neck, shoulders and collarbones. A strapless neckline on an evening gown looks elegant and instantly dressed-up. The shape of a strapless neckline can vary, and popular strapless shapes include sweetheart and straight-across cuts. A sweetheart cut on a strapless dress is shaped like the top of a heart and can show a little more cleavage than a straight cut. A straight-across line on a strapless evening gown can provide more coverage on top and still look sexy and flattering.


Having a halter neckline on your evening gown displays your neck, arms, shoulder, and the amount of cleavage you desire. In a halter neckline, the fabric wraps up from the underarm and around the neck. Halter necklines on evening gowns can have very thin to very thick fabric straps around the necks. Because this neckline pulls up before tying or clasping around the back of the neck, this gives your chest an added boost. A halter neckline on an evening gown could be a great choice for women with larger breasts who want added support, or for women with smaller breasts who wish to create cleavage and look a bit perkier.

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Spring 2010

Hard times. The Great Recession we’re all living through got Ralph Lauren thinking about American resiliency. “I am inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies,” he wrote in his program notes. So in place of the polo fields or any of his other tony stomping grounds, Ralph Lauren took us back to the dust bowl for Spring.00010Models in newsboy caps wore faded and torn oversize jeans with blue work shirts; patchwork overalls; nightshirts in mattress-ticking stripes; or sweet calico print dresses with white ankle socks and oxfords with heels.


It was cinematic, like most of Lauren’s collections. And it goes without saying that his vision is a romanticized one: Henry Fonda’s character in The Grapes of Wrath didn’t carry a lizard-skin bag. In fact, the show played like a rags-to-riches tale, a story line dear to the designer’s heart. After a few white cotton organdy dresses and some thirties-esque suits—think pinstriped three-pieces with cropped and gathered pants or a boxy d.b. with fuller trousers—the work jackets and carpenter pants reappeared in blue ombré silk charmeuse, the nightshirts came striped with beads, and the overalls were transformed into a floor-grazing lamé dress. A pair of evening jeans, completely covered in silvery beads save for the fraying holes, took the concept to the limit.


When Lauren came out for his bow, it was to the tune of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” He’ll see the other side of this recession—no one works harder than he does; he’s the great American brand.

Female Celebrities Wearing Designer Clothes

Burberry poster girl Emma Watson wowed the crowd as she arrived at the design house's spring/summer 2010 fashion show in a gold foil mini, black braided belt, and matching platform heels.

Burberry poster girl Emma Watson wowed the crowd as she arrived at the design house's spring/summer 2010 fashion show in a gold foil mini, black braided belt, and matching platform heels.

"Slumdog Millionaire" star Freida Pinto also made a rare appearance at the runway show and popped a pose in a light lemon frock and fierce Rupert Sanderson purple patent leopard-print heels.

"Slumdog Millionaire" star Freida Pinto also made a rare appearance at the runway show and popped a pose in a light lemon frock and fierce Rupert Sanderson purple patent leopard-print heels.

Anne Hathaway in an apricot Lela Rose dress and Roger Vivier pumps

Anne Hathaway in an apricot Lela Rose dress and Roger Vivier pumps

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Designer Clothes on MTV Video Music Awards ’09

keri hilsonkeri hilson

Designer Clothing – Stars wearing their unique fashion designer clothes, walked on the red carpet for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Artist like Taylor Swift, Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys, Amanda Bynes, Haley Williams of Paramore, Ashley Greene, and many bright names on the showbiz and music industry came.

MTV Video Music Awards ’09


Haley WilliamsHayley Williams

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes

Color and Style to attract a Men

As human beings, we are naturally attracted to colors and styles. Color catches the eye and grabs the attention. Styles and fabrics elicit feelings in people. These feelings vary with each color and style choice. A woman wearing a short, red dress will get attention from a certain personality type of male, and a woman in long, green, flowing skirt will attract a different type of guy. The trick is knowing what kind of man you are after. Then, it’s only a matter of clothing choice to get his attention. Here’s some of Ralph Lauren. Comes with a different colors and Style that  you sure like it especially your love one.


Red clothing sends a message that says you have lots of energy and enjoy getting attention. Men who like this color tend to be flirty, sporty and wild. Short dresses say that you are sporty and a flirt, whereas long styles let him know that you like attention but are conscious of the opinions of other.


Black is the color of mystery. No matter the length or style of the dress or pant suit, men want to know what is under it. This can be a sexual thing, or simply a desire to get to know you better. Either way, you will likely get the attention of several men in the room. The choice of who wins will yours.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange say that you are daring and bold. You don’t mind if people stare. You are your own person. The trick with these colors is the amount of saturation in the outfit. An entire ensemble in bright yellow says, “Look at me!”, whereas an orange top with black pants says, “I like to have fun without getting outrageous.” Use these according to how much attention you wish to attract. Men noticing bright colors tend to be adventurous in nature and like to draw a crowd.

Pink and Lavender

Pink and lavender let men know that you are a girl through and through. Men who look for women in these colors enjoy quiet dinners, romantic evenings and the arts. A short style will say that you are a flirty girl, and longer styles or hints of color will send the message that you are a more conservative personality type.

Green and Brown

Earth tones are greens and browns. They are inviting and remind men of home and comfort. Soft, flowing fabrics remind guys of the outdoors and warm breezes. Warm fabrics, such as wool, send a message of comfort. Both can be sexy and will attract attention. These men tend to like the outdoors and cuddling by a warm fire.


White is a color that must be worn with the message in mind. Fabric and style choices will determine the type of man you get. A white suit says that you are matronly and possibly stand-offish. Men will get the feeling that you are all about business, and business-oriented men will be attracted to this style. However, a light, breezy outfit in white will attract the romantic types of guys who enjoy walking in parks and picking flowers.


Blue is a color that is worn carefully. It tends to disappear into the crowd. Style and accessories will be important. A blue suit will fall under the business category. More airy or short styles will need to be paired with bright accessories, such as gold or silver jewelry, to get attention. A variety of men will approach a woman in blue if  she stands out from the crowd.

Summer clothing

As the hot summer sun intensifies, it’s time to shed the old heavy layers of winter and spring in favor of comfort and a cool, breezy look. A billowing loose tunic over a lightweight cotton skirt, shorts, capris, or slacks is more comfortable than layers with heavy or densely woven fabrics. Lighter layers mixed and matched with bold colors give you a warm summer glow.



Some of today’s synthetics are designed to wick moisture from the body, which will keep you more comfortable on the hottest days. Cotton, cotton blends, silk and other natural fabrics are best for summer.


Tight Fitting clothes

Tight-fitting clothes that cling to the body and don’t allow your skin to breath can make you miserable in intense summer heat. A looser fit allows air to circulate between the fabric and your body.

Color, Necklines and Sleeves

V neck ClothesA scoop neck or V-neck with bold, colorful, lightweight jewelry for accent tend to  draw the eye up. Sleeveless and short sleeves are the best options for summer. Lightweight cotton tees or tanks tops that are form-fitted but not tight allow the skin to breathe yet show off your feminine curves and also Lighter colors reflect light and heat, whereas primary and darker colors are great for accents.


Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals with fabric or leather soles are great to show off a pedicure. Darker socks breed bacteria, so white cotton socks are ideal for working out because they wick moisture and prevent heat-related rashes. A change of shoes can give the feet a much-needed break when the temperature drops or rises.

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Your clothes match with a plaid

Plaids include a variety of colors to choose from when pairing them for fashion or interior decor. Learn how to look at plaid with an artistic eye and match the best possible fabrics and colors to your tartan fabric.

Ralph Lauren designer clothes have this kind of collection for the Fashion shows. From the dark colors to the ligthest one. From simple cuts to a fabulous design. Look at the picture below you will see how RL match with a plaid.

Ralph LaurenMatch to the background color of your plaid. Look at the colors and pick the most prominent, which serves as the background for the lines and boxes of your tartan design.

Make a big impact by selecting a feature color from your tartan to match. Looking at the tartan design, choose a color that fits your personal style and that stands out. Matching to a highlight color from your plaid will help your plaid stand out and gives it a fashionable edge.

Go for contrast, with a basic match. White, black and brown match with almost anything yet provide enough contrast to make an impact. Other contrast matching options include grays and colors in the family of the background or feature colors in your plaid.

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