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Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection

It was inevitable that the epic Designer Clothes Saint Laurent exhibition, which recently closed after a six-month run in Paris, would make its presence felt in fashion this season. It certainly put the man who holds the reins at the house that Yves built in a reflective mood. In a blazingly focused, tightly edited show, Stefano Pilati revisited the Yves Saint Laurent codes one by one: beginning with a trenchcoat and building naturally to Le Smoking, in crepe de soir. In between came bowed blouses, blasts of color, cabans, paysanne  ruffles, clouds of marabou, long forties lines, exotica, erotica, and more. It was a comprehensive guided tour of the YSL universe. And the location—a Rothschild hôtel particulier in the eighth—was a simpatico venue, its gilded, frescoed salons instantly creating a more appropriate, intimate mood than the cavernous glory of the Grand Palais, where Pilati had been showing for a while.

Speaking of simpatico, the clothes Pilati offered to an audience that ran the gamut from Janet Jackson to Florence Welch (minus her Machine for a fashion night out) underscored his instinctive connection to the fundamental ethos of the house. You could pose it as a face-off: restraint versus release. The specter of Belle de Jour hovers over such a notion, but here it was as simple as black and white, if you considered the pristine glare of that opening trench versus the inky blackness of the last jumpsuit. But Pilati also proposed a blouse that was proper bordering on prim, bar the fact that it was completely sheer, and a jumpsuit that turned out to be backless. The subtle baring of skin was something of a leitmotif, with the slit skirt or the exposed midriff. It fitted with the tribalism Pilati was talking about afterward: how fashion is a way for women to identify themselves, just as members of a tribe do. He made the connection explicit with a print that was literally thumbprints, or a texture that looked a little like scarified skin. The sophisticated, the primitive again, restraint and release. It added up to a collection that should resonate loud and long for Pilati.


Suggestion gift for your loveone..

Whether it’s in honor of a special occasion or because he really needs clothes, buying for a man can be a tricky proposition. What we like and think will flatter him may leave him raising his brows.  Or, he may be so picky that only certain brand names, colors or styles are an option. So what’s a mate to do?

ask a question

Show him some things you’d consider buying as a gift for your dad, brother or friend and ask his opinion. If he senses the attention is not on him, he may offer insight into what he does or doesn’t like in terms of style and color. So that it will not give him any idea that the gift is for him.

looking for the closet

Get into his closet and peek into his drawers to take in his entire clothing collection. Think of all the things you’ve seen him in and compare them to the things you’ve rarely seen him in. Purchase items that resemble the former.Get into his closet and peek into his drawers to take in his entire clothing collection. Think of all the things you’ve seen him in and compare them to the things you’ve rarely seen him in. Purchase items that resemble the former.

know his size

Make a note of the sizes of his favorite shirts and pants. Look at the cuts of his clothes and think about whether he tends to favor a looser or tighter fit.

Ralph Lauren Store

Hit the stores and shop. Let sales associates know about your mission and get their feedback on what guys like yours have been buying for themselves. You can visit Ralph Lauren since there so many stuff that you can like for your love one especially there Polo Shirts.

Buy the brand names that he wears most often. Chances are good that they fit him best and offer the prints and fabrics he prefers or if you want you place your order online you can try this where you can find some top branded design that your love one surely liked it.

Jeans Fashion forever

Designer Ralph Lauren, who has helped create a classic American style. Fashion with a collection of his trademark looks that have made him one of the industry’s most successful and influential figures. He create the jeans more fashionable. The most popular pants for men. They are worn by almost everyone. From the kid down the street to the business man, jeans are extremely functional. You can wear them casually with a T-shirt or dress it up with a button down shirt.


Ralph Lauren Black Label Embellished Jean1

Ralph Lauren Black Label embellished jeans

Jeans weren’t always as fashionable as they are today. Rl Trends make it more elegant in different way.  But still it will fits to the person you wear this fashionable jeans.  From a casual to  elegant jeans.

00430mTop designer Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products,
creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream.

bag it Matters…

Many of  famous bag providers are trying to produce the most comfortable and durable bags enter to the market, but commonly the renowned companies usually be famous for it certain type of products such as carry-on, Just like the different style of Ralph lauren collections. This year he was inspired to make this for his wife.


The latest of the exclusive bag set, Ralph Lauren’s is named for his wife “ricky”


Ralph Lauren’s Alligator Ricky Bag


Ralph Lauren crocodile travel bag with brass hardware


Snatch up this equestrian inspired scarf handbag

Ralph Lauren is always superb designers. This summer his collections are simple yet wearable and They are excellent. Love his collection.

Lampadario orecchini on Ralph lauren

Chandelier earring or Lampadario Orecchini in Italian.

Have you try to wear this kind of accessories?  Each woman knows that earrings plays a significant role in creating the right image or fashion. But are you aware of how to wear and combine this kind of earrings so that they make your image successfully rather than ruin it completely. Ralph Lauren designer find the solution on this.. Find out what Lampadario orecchini will fix on you..

untitled 1

untitled 2

Chandelier earrings can be elegant and formal or fun and flirty, depending on what they’re worn with and the materials from which they’re made.A platinum earring set with Swarovski crystals obviously leans toward dressy. But they can also be worn with a black turtleneck and dark jeans for a contemporary yet casual first date or Girls Night Out.

Ralph Lauren 8

green earnings

Some face shapes look great in chandelier earrings, while others come off looking rounder or thinner than preferred.  On this  trend shows that the design of Ralph Lauren can be more stand out along kinds of Lampadario Orecchini.

The 2009 Ralph Lauren Rugby Spring Collection

Ralph Lauren Rugby

Ralph Lauren Rugby

Ralph Lauren’s clothing collection is perfect for all occasion. Ralph Lauren new Rugby collection is entitled “Carpe Diem,” which means “seize the day.” The promotional ads are mostly composed of young people and offers more casual yet sports-inspired look.

Ralph Lauren Rugby

Ralph Lauren Rugby

From casual offerings such as the blazers and polos, to more sports-inspired looks such as the rugby shirts, the collection fits in nicely amongst Ralph Lauren’s other offerings. Rugby Ralph Lauren was launched in 2004 under the management of parent company Polo Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Rugby

Ralph Lauren Rugby

Emmy Rossum for Ralph Lauren

A wide-eyed, innocent look that you can`t help but adore. She`s super polite, sophisticated, beautiful; and she exudes class. Rossum got a big break starring in the musical movie The Phantom of the Opera. Around the same time, she starred in The Day After Tomorrow, Dragon Ball Evolution.  Award winning actress Emmy Rossum really loves her looks while walking to the red carpet  wearing the creation of Ralph Lauren.

In every awards night that Emmy Rossum  comes she always wore a stand out dress. According to the actress she really admire the creation of the Ralph Lauren. Well that was a good choose.  Here’s some of the captured photos while she is wearing some of the elegant gowns from the creation of Ralph Lauren.

lace black dress

red gown
white gown


Olympic’s Fashion

Once again Ralph Lauren design provide that they can be stand out now not only in fashion show but also in the sports.RL stand out there creation in  olympic games in beijing, China. Ralph Lauren the designer or the brand itself – portrays an image of class & elegance. Lauren’s success throughout the years is a result of his attention to detail and quality control over his designs.

See MOre olympics  clothes by Ralph Lauren.





U.S. athletes hit the Beijing stadium Friday in tailored classics from Polo Ralph Lauren, an official outfitter of the  U.S. Olympic Team. Fans here can join in wearing knit sweater vests, track jackets, hoodies and an array of crisp polos decorated with flag patches (USA, Great Britain, Italy), racing stripes or – our favorite – Chinese lettering (it says “Beijing”). Available in adult and children’s
sizes at Polo Ralph Lauren.