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Elie Saab Spring Fashion Colllection

It was back to the seventies at Elie Saab, as on so many other runways this season. The designer name-checked Bianca, Lauren, and Diane, and he attempted to conjure the wild nights of Studio 54 with a lineup that was long on jersey, chiffon, sequins, and the decade’s requisite platform sandals. If it felt like a tepid reimagining of that heady era, especially in light of the disco-y decadence of Louis Vuitton a few hours later, that may be partly explained by the fact that Saab does such a big business with the Hollywood crowd. No actress wants to land on the worst-dressed list, which means today’s red-carpet dressing only pushes the boundaries so far.

Saab’s formula for Spring was best summed up by the closing dress, a blush-peach asymmetrical gown embroidered in tiny squares of sequins: a little bit of shine and a little bit of shoulder, with a glossy mane and lids lined in yellow shadow to match. Michel Gaubert’s soundtrack of Rolling Stones, Blondie, and Diana Ross tunes worked hard to add some sizzle to the proceedings, but the green chartreuse, apricot, slate blue, and smoky white palette didn’t want to comply. A close-fitting column gown ruched on the torso and a cocktail dress with the same draped detail down its back provided a couple of pulse-quickening moments. But you left wanting more of them.


Women fashion accessories

In today’s world, we are often judged by how we dress, how we look, and how we carry ourselves. Fashion is on the front and is it easy to get left behind. The smallest fashion accessories can bring out an outfit. Even though things change each season, there are some essential and easy to get fashion accessories that stand the test of time.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

If you don’t have one, get a little black dress. Having a little black dress spans all in fashion. You can incorporate black with any color and at any time.


Get a hand bag. This can set your fashion accessories chart out of this world. Having a hand bag cannot only add spice to a dull outfit, it is handy for caring your personal, everyday things around as well. When choosing a hand bag, choose a hand bag that you can interchange with different outfits.


Get you some bling. It can be necklaces, earrings, rings. These can be very essential in your fashion accessories collection. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are yours for the choosing.

Men’s Suits

Today there are many options when it comes to men’s formal wear and which type of suit you should buy. To help with the confusion, review a few of the types of men’s suits, focusing mostly on variations of the button-down coat version. Here’s some of Ralph Lauren best Men suits.


Pinstripe Suits

This type of suit involves the slacks, matching coat, shirt and tie. The button number refers to the number of buttons in the jacket, such as two-button or three-button. This suit is definable by the tiny lines that run vertically down the material. Usually, the material is darker than the stripe.

Windowpane Suits

Windowpane Suits

This is the same cut and fabric as a typical button-down suit. The difference is that rather than stripes, the suit is styled with windowpane patterns to add depth and contrast to the threads.

Solid Statements

Solid Statements

Solid color suits are a break from the norm, especially if you choose a bright color outside the standard brown, black or gray. You can find such suits in brown, blue and even bright colors like orange.



Thanks to Italian clothing designers, the linen suit is fashionable, comfortable and accessible. Many colors and pattern variations work well here, and the linen is incredibly comfortable, like wearing fine sheets. These types of suits tend to be lighter in color, such as beige, and are associated with a more relaxed vacation feel.



The tuxedo is for special engagements and offers enough variation in its nature to suit any physique. A tux is defined by the tails that extend the length of the back coat and are generally worn with a cummerbund.

Accessories reflects you.

Accessories can compliment and accentuate your wardrobe, however, there is a much deeper meaning. They is a positive reflection and expression of your personality. Everyone has a different combination of personality traits that make us unique and special. Our emotions tend to manifest one personality trait over the other at varying times during an occasion, the course of a day, and throughout our lifetime. Accessories depict the same personality traits we do, however, they are more consistent. They can emphasize the finer qualities or detract the less desirable in our appearance even when our emotions have the best of us.

Determine what traits that you want to be prominent in your appearance. For an example, confident, artsy, or energetic.

Ralph Lauren

Choose colors that illustrates that trait. For an example, confident is black. Most people imagine a confident business or sales person in a black suit.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

Choose shapes that demonstrate the trait. Uniquely shaped buttons, ribbons, and buckles portray a style that positively. Find a patterns based on repetition and space. Many patterns closely spaced represent intensity and energy, as where, less patterns with more space represent a calm and peaceful trait.

Clutch Bag

Of course, finally, you want each of your accessories to complement one another. Matching the same color or keeping accessories in the same family is one way. Coordinating patterns or metals throughout your selection is another way.

Fashion Accessories

Perfect Accessories

Cocktail Party

So, you’ve got on a black and white dress and white shoes…do you wear earrings? A necklace? Bracelets? This list will help you decide great ways to accessorize your outfits. Think about what you’re wearing. If it’s busy already, keep accessories limited and simple. If it’s plain, you’ve got more freedom to accessorize, but don’t go overboard!
Keep this in mind that  less is more. A ring and matching bracelet make a nice set. A matching bracelet and necklace make a great combination. But two rings, a bracelet on each arm and three necklaces? Not so much.

Ralph Lauren Ring and Bracelet

Ralph Lauren

Choose one accessory as a focal point. For example, you can wear big, glamorous earrings, but then if you wear a necklace, it needs to be subtle. Similarly, you can choose a shiny necklace, but then your earrings should be small and should not compete for attention.

Earrings and Necklaces

Necklaces and earrings

Stick to one style of jewelry. If you want to accessorize with yellow gold, stick with that. The same goes for white gold. Mixing and matching can get messy.

If you’re carrying a purse, make sure it looks good with your outfit. A metallic silver purse may be a gorgeous accessory for a black dress, but with a metallic dress, you may start looking like an over-accessorized mess.

Silver purseDon’t be afraid to take fashion risks. A beaded necklace can be a fantastic accessory with a simple black top and jeans. Shiny earrings can spice up a simple dress. If you like it, and it looks good with your outfit, go for it!

Look at yourself in the mirror before going out. Do your accessories create a cohesive look, or do they look mismatched? If they look mismatched, take them off and try again.

Wear your summer jewelry

Summer is the perfect time to take a break from metal and experiment with natural materials. Wood is always a popular summer jewelry material. Pile on a few wooden bangles to show off a lightly tanned arm or wear a simple wooden pendant on leather cord for an earthy, natural look. A popular new jewelry material for warm weather is bamboo. Beads made of bamboo are hollow and very light to the touch making them a perfect choice for warmer temperatures. The beauty of bamboo jewelry is that each piece is a work of art with its own unique ring structure and design. Plus, bamboo is considered to be a symbol of strength and of good luck. It’s also an eco-friendly jewelry material you can feel good about wearing. Don’t worry if the wood and bamboo pieces you wear are a little rough around the edges, it only adds to their charm.  Here’s some of the Ralph Lauren Collection that use in their fashion shows.

Summer necklaces

Shell pendants and bracelets feel good to the touch and look stunning against gently sun kissed skin. Choose from paua shell, abalone shell, conch shell, hammer shell, or puka shell, among other shell types. You can even collect your own small shells on the beach along with some sea glass that’s been gently molded by the waves and create your own unique summer necklace or bracelet. Shells can be combined with other natural materials such as stones and rough wooden beads and strung onto hemp
or leather for truly one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

paua shell

Paua Shell

abalone shell

abalone shell

conch shellhammer shell

puka shell

Puka Shell

There’s something about wearing natural stone jewelry that feels right for summer.All natural stones such as turquoise and coral are always a popular choice and look stunning paired with cool, cotton tops and summer shorts. Don’t forget that natural stones such as turquoise and coral can be combined with other materials such as wood and ceramic for an eclectic look. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head down to your local bead store and make your own.

Turquoise and coral

Bag for Spring Fashion

Spring fashion requires choosing the right bag to complete your outfit. Bags come in a variety of colors, sizes and purposes, making it possible to pick just the right one. Several different bags may be needed to meet the demands of travel,parties, shopping and other activities.

Here’s some of  Fashionable bag by Ralph Lauren

Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag

Pick up a clutch for those special evenings at the opera or other elegant, springtime social events. A clutch is small and conveniently holds the essentials, such as keys and a lipstick for touch-ups after dinner.

Satchel Bag

Duffel Bag

Travel in style during spring with a duffel bag in a light color. A duffel bag is made of thick fabric and is often used as luggage. Let a tote be the bag of choice for carrying items that don’t fit in a purse. A tote can comfortably be used as a shopping bag again and again. Its two straps make for easy handling.

Duffel bag and Tote bag by Ralph LaurenDuffel bag and Tote Bag

Choose a convertible handbag for the most options in wear. A convertible design can be worn on the shoulder, on your arm or as a clutch.

Always remember try on a bag just as you would a dress. If the bag is too bulky or unbalanced for your body, keep looking. The bag should be easy to grasp or feel comfortable if you use a shoulder strap.

Match your outfit to your earrings.

The right pair of earrings can complete your outfit. However, the huge selection of accessories available often makes it confuses to find exactly what works best for you. Use the information below to learn how to buy earrings to match an outfit

I gathered some pictures from Ralph Lauren collections. Here’s some timeless earrings perfectly match to your outfit.

Long earrings

Stay within your budget. It’s awfully tempting to splurge on an awesome pair of earrings. But think carefully before you make your purchase. It’s best to set a price limit before you begin shopping and stick to it no matter what.

small earrings

Select earrings that match your outfit instead of buying an outfit that matches some earrings you already own or want to buy. Think about the types of situations for which you’ll wear the outfit and earrings in question. A no-nonsense business suit is best complemented by a classic pair of simple earrings. A fun, flirty outfit can support a flashier, more ornate pair of earrings.

Consider the other accessories you plan to wear with the outfit, too. It’s easy to go overboard with accessories. If you’re also wearing a necklace and rings, choose small, simple earrings. If you’d like to wear large, dangly earrings you may need to remove some other accessories first. Purchase earrings that match or complement that color of your clothing. Neutral colors and metals are safe and usually go well with almost any color.

Aim to buy earrings that complete your look instead of earrings that become the focus of your look. The first thing others notice shouldn’t be your earrings; they should notice how great you look overall.

Jewelry add to your outfits

Most women are in the habit of wearing jewelry everyday of the week no matter what there profession is, unless maybe that person is a surgeon! Something that is done  so frequently should be done correctly. You may not be aware but there actually is a right and a wrong way to wear jewelry. This article is going to give you a few tips on how to add jewelry to just about any outfit, with the help of the Top branded designer clothes how are so genius to have this collections of jewelry. From Ralph Lauren, GUESS, DKNY, Armani Exchange and DKNY.

Women with jewelry

Let start in adding a necklace to your outfit is definitely one of the most popular jewelry choices out there. Since they come in so many different varieties there is literally a necklace for every occasion. Lately fashion has been driven more towards the large chunky necklaces that really stand out. These necklaces are good with evening wear, for a night on the town. For the work place especially if you work in an office situation you will want to stick to something smaller, and more discreet such as a gold chain or a small locket.

Top Branded Necklaces

Earrings are the next most important accessory you want to utilize.  Changing the way you wear earrings can change your entire look. If  you are dressing for the office it is best to stick with smaller earrings  such as studs or very small hoops. Save the big giant hoops for the club or a  day out shopping with the girls. Large hoops often look great with flowing skirts  and tank tops; the open shoulder will really highlight the earring. Many women are  fans of what you might call dangly earrings. Whether these are sterling silver or  beaded, they are often better suited for a night out to dinner with your spouse,  when you are wearing a sleek dress or dress casual clothing.

Top branded Earrings

Beautiful bracelets are often overshadowed by earrings and necklaces. This is too bad really since a nice bracelet can really set off your outfit. If you are dressing for a night out in either a party dress or even jeans and a nice top you should try a large chunky bracelet. They come in every shape and size and you are sure to find one to match your outfit. You might also try several small-layered bracelets for a situation like this. If you are dressing in a pants suit or any other office attire it is best to stick with small discreet tennis bracelets or none at all.

Top branded bracelet

Finding a middle ground with wearing rings is often hard. They are great especially if you are looking for something to dress up a simple outfit, but they can also be over worn. Stay away from very large bulky rings. These will only distract from your outfit, not add to it. When in doubt while choosing a ring, remember that your wedding ring is always appropriate no matter what the outfit or occasion.

Top branded rings

Try to find one special piece of jewelry for each outfit, that way you can have a sure thing every time! Always make sure your jewelry colors match the outfit colors. Just because it’s the right type of jewelry doesn’t mean it matches.

Tote Bag for fashion

Tote bags have long been the best way to tote things around. That’s probably how they got their name. But you don’t want to choose a tote bag that stands out like a sore thumb with your suit or looks like it belongs at a disco club when you’re going to the beach. You can choose a tote bag that fits your stuff and your needs. Here’s some of the top branded designer clothes who’s have a fashionable tote bag.


Ralph Lauren

Decide what you need the tote bag for. Don’t pick flowery wicker for your work bag and beaded leather won’t go over well at the beach. Make sure the bag is durable and fashionable enough to stand up to where you are going to carry it.



Pick a color. Work bags are most fashionable in solids or with a subtle design so it is at least somewhat professional. Pay attention to closures and compartments. If you work in a rainy climate, you may want a work bag that has a zippered top to keep your work files dry. You may also want at least one long, thin divider so the files also stay upright.



Choose the proper material. Leather looks the most professional; don’t do pleather or vinyl for work, especially on a tote bag that has a large, flat surface that heightens the material’s cheapness. Wicker is cute for the beach, but not all that durable. Abercrombie Tote bag  is a good pick for a lot of uses as it is durable and easily washable.

for function over fashion. Cute little bags may fall apart in their cute little way. You want something that could haul rocks if needed.

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