Iceberg Spring collection

For Spring 2011, Iceberg designer clothes Paolo Gerani took the classic children’s tale The Little Prince as his inspiration, mining that book’s proto-environmentalism for a collection that touched on themes of decay and renewal. Gerani created a backdrop from an undulating wall of cardboard, like a giant abandoned filing system, that suggested the kind of repurposing you might see in the slums of Lagos or Rio. (The association was strengthened by the techno world music accompaniment of the Chemical Brothers’ “Galvanize” on the soundtrack.

The designer showed knitwear that looked old, burned, and holey; T-shirts decorated with duct tape; a shearling that could have been rescued from a bin; and distressed footwear. He also worked the recycling theme in sweatshirt material reconfigured as a tailored jacket/bomber hybrid and as a blazer with a baseball jacket’s sleeves. Pinstriped silk pants with an elasticated ankle felt like they’d been pajamas in a former life. Two pristine blousons in green leather, meanwhile, evoked growth and rebirth.


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