Necklines in Evening dress

Evening dresses for women come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, hemlines and necklines. The seemingly endless choices allow women to find a style that works best for their personality and body type. Popular necklines include V-neck, strapless and halter.

V Necklines

V-shaped necklines became increasingly popular in the 60’s, as women wore less structured clothing. Wearing an evening dress with a V-neck is a great way to elongate the neck and display your collarbones. The depth of a V-neck can vary, ranging from a short v-shape to a deep plunge, so if you’re concerned about revealing too much cleavage, be sure to try on the dress prior to purchasing. V-necklines are universally flattering and work well with any body type.


A strapless neckline is a great way to showcase your neck, shoulders and collarbones. A strapless neckline on an evening gown looks elegant and instantly dressed-up. The shape of a strapless neckline can vary, and popular strapless shapes include sweetheart and straight-across cuts. A sweetheart cut on a strapless dress is shaped like the top of a heart and can show a little more cleavage than a straight cut. A straight-across line on a strapless evening gown can provide more coverage on top and still look sexy and flattering.


Having a halter neckline on your evening gown displays your neck, arms, shoulder, and the amount of cleavage you desire. In a halter neckline, the fabric wraps up from the underarm and around the neck. Halter necklines on evening gowns can have very thin to very thick fabric straps around the necks. Because this neckline pulls up before tying or clasping around the back of the neck, this gives your chest an added boost. A halter neckline on an evening gown could be a great choice for women with larger breasts who want added support, or for women with smaller breasts who wish to create cleavage and look a bit perkier.

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