Men’s Suits

Today there are many options when it comes to men’s formal wear and which type of suit you should buy. To help with the confusion, review a few of the types of men’s suits, focusing mostly on variations of the button-down coat version. Here’s some of Ralph Lauren best Men suits.


Pinstripe Suits

This type of suit involves the slacks, matching coat, shirt and tie. The button number refers to the number of buttons in the jacket, such as two-button or three-button. This suit is definable by the tiny lines that run vertically down the material. Usually, the material is darker than the stripe.

Windowpane Suits

Windowpane Suits

This is the same cut and fabric as a typical button-down suit. The difference is that rather than stripes, the suit is styled with windowpane patterns to add depth and contrast to the threads.

Solid Statements

Solid Statements

Solid color suits are a break from the norm, especially if you choose a bright color outside the standard brown, black or gray. You can find such suits in brown, blue and even bright colors like orange.



Thanks to Italian clothing designers, the linen suit is fashionable, comfortable and accessible. Many colors and pattern variations work well here, and the linen is incredibly comfortable, like wearing fine sheets. These types of suits tend to be lighter in color, such as beige, and are associated with a more relaxed vacation feel.



The tuxedo is for special engagements and offers enough variation in its nature to suit any physique. A tux is defined by the tails that extend the length of the back coat and are generally worn with a cummerbund.


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