Color and Style to attract a Men

As human beings, we are naturally attracted to colors and styles. Color catches the eye and grabs the attention. Styles and fabrics elicit feelings in people. These feelings vary with each color and style choice. A woman wearing a short, red dress will get attention from a certain personality type of male, and a woman in long, green, flowing skirt will attract a different type of guy. The trick is knowing what kind of man you are after. Then, it’s only a matter of clothing choice to get his attention. Here’s some of Ralph Lauren. Comes with a different colors and Style that  you sure like it especially your love one.


Red clothing sends a message that says you have lots of energy and enjoy getting attention. Men who like this color tend to be flirty, sporty and wild. Short dresses say that you are sporty and a flirt, whereas long styles let him know that you like attention but are conscious of the opinions of other.


Black is the color of mystery. No matter the length or style of the dress or pant suit, men want to know what is under it. This can be a sexual thing, or simply a desire to get to know you better. Either way, you will likely get the attention of several men in the room. The choice of who wins will yours.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange say that you are daring and bold. You don’t mind if people stare. You are your own person. The trick with these colors is the amount of saturation in the outfit. An entire ensemble in bright yellow says, “Look at me!”, whereas an orange top with black pants says, “I like to have fun without getting outrageous.” Use these according to how much attention you wish to attract. Men noticing bright colors tend to be adventurous in nature and like to draw a crowd.

Pink and Lavender

Pink and lavender let men know that you are a girl through and through. Men who look for women in these colors enjoy quiet dinners, romantic evenings and the arts. A short style will say that you are a flirty girl, and longer styles or hints of color will send the message that you are a more conservative personality type.

Green and Brown

Earth tones are greens and browns. They are inviting and remind men of home and comfort. Soft, flowing fabrics remind guys of the outdoors and warm breezes. Warm fabrics, such as wool, send a message of comfort. Both can be sexy and will attract attention. These men tend to like the outdoors and cuddling by a warm fire.


White is a color that must be worn with the message in mind. Fabric and style choices will determine the type of man you get. A white suit says that you are matronly and possibly stand-offish. Men will get the feeling that you are all about business, and business-oriented men will be attracted to this style. However, a light, breezy outfit in white will attract the romantic types of guys who enjoy walking in parks and picking flowers.


Blue is a color that is worn carefully. It tends to disappear into the crowd. Style and accessories will be important. A blue suit will fall under the business category. More airy or short styles will need to be paired with bright accessories, such as gold or silver jewelry, to get attention. A variety of men will approach a woman in blue if  she stands out from the crowd.


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