Summer clothing

As the hot summer sun intensifies, it’s time to shed the old heavy layers of winter and spring in favor of comfort and a cool, breezy look. A billowing loose tunic over a lightweight cotton skirt, shorts, capris, or slacks is more comfortable than layers with heavy or densely woven fabrics. Lighter layers mixed and matched with bold colors give you a warm summer glow.



Some of today’s synthetics are designed to wick moisture from the body, which will keep you more comfortable on the hottest days. Cotton, cotton blends, silk and other natural fabrics are best for summer.


Tight Fitting clothes

Tight-fitting clothes that cling to the body and don’t allow your skin to breath can make you miserable in intense summer heat. A looser fit allows air to circulate between the fabric and your body.

Color, Necklines and Sleeves

V neck ClothesA scoop neck or V-neck with bold, colorful, lightweight jewelry for accent tend to  draw the eye up. Sleeveless and short sleeves are the best options for summer. Lightweight cotton tees or tanks tops that are form-fitted but not tight allow the skin to breathe yet show off your feminine curves and also Lighter colors reflect light and heat, whereas primary and darker colors are great for accents.


Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals with fabric or leather soles are great to show off a pedicure. Darker socks breed bacteria, so white cotton socks are ideal for working out because they wick moisture and prevent heat-related rashes. A change of shoes can give the feet a much-needed break when the temperature drops or rises.

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