Accessories reflects you.

Accessories can compliment and accentuate your wardrobe, however, there is a much deeper meaning. They is a positive reflection and expression of your personality. Everyone has a different combination of personality traits that make us unique and special. Our emotions tend to manifest one personality trait over the other at varying times during an occasion, the course of a day, and throughout our lifetime. Accessories depict the same personality traits we do, however, they are more consistent. They can emphasize the finer qualities or detract the less desirable in our appearance even when our emotions have the best of us.

Determine what traits that you want to be prominent in your appearance. For an example, confident, artsy, or energetic.

Ralph Lauren

Choose colors that illustrates that trait. For an example, confident is black. Most people imagine a confident business or sales person in a black suit.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

Choose shapes that demonstrate the trait. Uniquely shaped buttons, ribbons, and buckles portray a style that positively. Find a patterns based on repetition and space. Many patterns closely spaced represent intensity and energy, as where, less patterns with more space represent a calm and peaceful trait.

Clutch Bag

Of course, finally, you want each of your accessories to complement one another. Matching the same color or keeping accessories in the same family is one way. Coordinating patterns or metals throughout your selection is another way.

Fashion Accessories


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