Your clothes match with a plaid

Plaids include a variety of colors to choose from when pairing them for fashion or interior decor. Learn how to look at plaid with an artistic eye and match the best possible fabrics and colors to your tartan fabric.

Ralph Lauren designer clothes have this kind of collection for the Fashion shows. From the dark colors to the ligthest one. From simple cuts to a fabulous design. Look at the picture below you will see how RL match with a plaid.

Ralph LaurenMatch to the background color of your plaid. Look at the colors and pick the most prominent, which serves as the background for the lines and boxes of your tartan design.

Make a big impact by selecting a feature color from your tartan to match. Looking at the tartan design, choose a color that fits your personal style and that stands out. Matching to a highlight color from your plaid will help your plaid stand out and gives it a fashionable edge.

Go for contrast, with a basic match. White, black and brown match with almost anything yet provide enough contrast to make an impact. Other contrast matching options include grays and colors in the family of the background or feature colors in your plaid.


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