Be fabulous anytime

Every woman needs a great outfit for any occasion that may come up. The problem is that knowing what the right look for the occasion is can be a bit difficult sometimes. Thankfully the mood of any occasion or event can be fairly easily to discern. I have put together a list of occasions, sorted some what by mood, which will help any women find a great outfit within her closet for most any occasion.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

If you are going out for lunch with friends, or for a stroll through the park, a great casual look is in order. For this type of look, I grab my favorite pair of  jeans and a comfortable top in a neutral color such as tan or brown. Pair these pieces with a printed scarf, a pair of comfortable sandals and a great pair of way fare sunglasses. If you are planning on being out a while, add a large tote bag to the look.

The office look is the one that has always given me the most trouble personally, but I have spent a lot of time researching what works and I have finally found an ensemble that works very well with the office atmosphere. In the office suits are an absolute must, weather it be pants or a skirted suit, they are necessary. I find pairing any suit with a large slouched hand bag is a good idea. Add a pair of fancy drop earrings and a pair of sophisticated pumps and you are all set.

My favorite outfit for going out on the town is a cute little dress with a statement belt added to it. For some just a cute dress is the best option, you’ll have to go with your personal preference on this one. Either way you go, add strapped heeled sandals to the dress and grab a clutch on your way out. This outfit is fun and easy to wear no matter what comes up, be it dinner or dancing. Have fun!

Every so often in our lives we have those evenings that are very important and require a more formal look. (The kind of night that stresses a woman right out.) For these nights I go with a great gown, appropriate for my body type of course, in a bright color. I try to keep it very simple in dress and accessories because I end up doing my hair and make up as is called for on a night like this. I include a pair of platform open toed heels and a matching bracelet collar necklace set. If you need a bag of some kind go with a small clutch, though I suggest none at all.


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