Bag for Spring Fashion

Spring fashion requires choosing the right bag to complete your outfit. Bags come in a variety of colors, sizes and purposes, making it possible to pick just the right one. Several different bags may be needed to meet the demands of travel,parties, shopping and other activities.

Here’s some of  Fashionable bag by Ralph Lauren

Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag

Pick up a clutch for those special evenings at the opera or other elegant, springtime social events. A clutch is small and conveniently holds the essentials, such as keys and a lipstick for touch-ups after dinner.

Satchel Bag

Duffel Bag

Travel in style during spring with a duffel bag in a light color. A duffel bag is made of thick fabric and is often used as luggage. Let a tote be the bag of choice for carrying items that don’t fit in a purse. A tote can comfortably be used as a shopping bag again and again. Its two straps make for easy handling.

Duffel bag and Tote bag by Ralph LaurenDuffel bag and Tote Bag

Choose a convertible handbag for the most options in wear. A convertible design can be worn on the shoulder, on your arm or as a clutch.

Always remember try on a bag just as you would a dress. If the bag is too bulky or unbalanced for your body, keep looking. The bag should be easy to grasp or feel comfortable if you use a shoulder strap.


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