Match your outfit to your earrings.

The right pair of earrings can complete your outfit. However, the huge selection of accessories available often makes it confuses to find exactly what works best for you. Use the information below to learn how to buy earrings to match an outfit

I gathered some pictures from Ralph Lauren collections. Here’s some timeless earrings perfectly match to your outfit.

Long earrings

Stay within your budget. It’s awfully tempting to splurge on an awesome pair of earrings. But think carefully before you make your purchase. It’s best to set a price limit before you begin shopping and stick to it no matter what.

small earrings

Select earrings that match your outfit instead of buying an outfit that matches some earrings you already own or want to buy. Think about the types of situations for which you’ll wear the outfit and earrings in question. A no-nonsense business suit is best complemented by a classic pair of simple earrings. A fun, flirty outfit can support a flashier, more ornate pair of earrings.

Consider the other accessories you plan to wear with the outfit, too. It’s easy to go overboard with accessories. If you’re also wearing a necklace and rings, choose small, simple earrings. If you’d like to wear large, dangly earrings you may need to remove some other accessories first. Purchase earrings that match or complement that color of your clothing. Neutral colors and metals are safe and usually go well with almost any color.

Aim to buy earrings that complete your look instead of earrings that become the focus of your look. The first thing others notice shouldn’t be your earrings; they should notice how great you look overall.


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