Be Fashionable at the beach

At the beach

Who said that you don’t have to worry about what you wear at the beach? Living in Florida, where beaches like South Beach and Key West, beaches are the place to show off, and not just those abs you’ve been working all year on… right?. It’s the place to be seen and what’s a better place to be seen as a fashion diva!

The first thing people notice when you thread on that hot sand. The beach is a fun place so I generaly always say look for glasses that are fun but not stupid or tacky. I love white framed glasses at the beach (they make your tan stand out.) Paris Hilton and David Beckham are always sported wearing them on the shore and you should too. It will make people sweat by you with the hot style you give off!

Paris Hilton and David Beckham

Believe it or not, beach clothes are something you need to be in a habit of if you go to the shore, just in your bikini. Sun worshippers in Brazil and the Medditerrean countries always wear beach clothes before they head out to hit the waves. You could wear a seran over your hips or a white throw on. Or even a large solid colored t-shirt belted at the waist. Beach clothes must be light and made out of a breathable material. If you still don’t like the idea of it, think of it this way – would you want your Christmas gift not be be wrapped when you see it on Christmas day? Treat your body like one, a gift and mystery for
all to see.

Beach Outfit by Ralph LaurenBeach Outfit by Ralph Lauren

Ofcourse, You can never be a fashionable in the beach if you are not caring a fashionable beach bag. I pick some beach bag from Ralph Lauren. You have think the useful of your bag.  where else are you going to keep your wallet and keys? And ever thought of you food?

Ralph Lauren beach bagRalph Lauren Beach bag

Ofcourse, You will not be a fashionable if you footwear is not. Try to look some of the hottest flip flops.Beach sandals are nesscary to look chic, especially when it means walking such a distance on hot sand just to get by the water.

Beach Sandals


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