Mix up colors to your outfit

Women accessories

Not all functions or occasions allow you to wear whatever you want, such as in the office, during interviews, or when you are required to wear a uniform. You should follow the dress code appropriate to the occasion you are going to, but it does not mean that you have to settle wearing something that will make you look like everyone else. Your secret is to accessorize. Here are accessories  you can add to your personal style to make you stand out and your outfit memorable.


Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Jewelry. A pink necklace with matching earrings and bracelet can make a suit fun, as a long, colorful charm necklace can make a little black dress exciting. It is best to wear jewelry that match, otherwise you risk looking like a Christmas tree gone wrong. Wear jewelry in the same color or hue. Also, you can wear jewelry in the form of brooches and pins, which can make your attire remarkable.


Tribal Scarves

Scarf. Wear a scarf in a color that contrasts with your outfit. Adding a pastel scarf to dark clothing gives your outfit flavor. Wear satin scarves for more formal occasions, while knitted and woven scarves are casually beautiful.


Ralph Lauren Belt

Belt. Not only are there a plethora of belt styles and designs available, there are also various ways to wear a belt that can not only add color to your clothes but make it a different outfit altogether. There are satin, knit, leather, braid, cloth belts to choose from. Wear it high just below your bustline that makes for a slimmer look, while a loose belt grazing your waist is chic.

Just Remember, You don’t have to wear all these accessories all the same time. Choose one that you want to make statement and downplay others. Remember that the point of these tips is to add color to an outfit so if your outfit is already full of color or stands out on its own, you don’t want your accessories to overpower.


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