Tops that flatter to your figure

It’s summer. Time to peel off sweaters and long-sleeved shirts in favor of tops that’ll keep you cool as the temperatures continue to rise. Whatever your shape, there’s a style to play up your assets and downplay your problem areas.

Summer is the best time to shown what you have. But you have to be more enhance on the outfits that you wear. As you can see now in the street.  I gather some stuff that absolutely flatter to your figure, even your size is small or big one. I get some items from Ralph Lauren since every year they have lots of creative design for this coming summer.

Summer outing

Show off toned abs in a belly-baring crop top. Pair a stretch cotton crop with a colorful sarong for a lazy summer afternoon sailing or lounging poolside.

Tops with sarong

Show off sexy shoulders with a halter top or racer-back tank. Or dare to bare it all in the modern tube top, now manufactured with strong elastic top edging and breast support panels.  I pick some items from Ralph Lauren Summer outfits for this kind of clothes.

Racer-back tank and Top tubeWear half or three-quarter-length sleeves to conceal heavier upper arms. Try a jersey blouse for a dressier option, or a bright cotton T-shirt for a more casual look.

Jersey Dress

Enhance a smaller bust with a top that has ruffles, smocking or gathers around the chest area.Minimize a larger bust with a monochromatic V-neck or open-collared shell.

monochromatic V-neck

Wear a pastel peasant top with a print slim skirt. To balance full hips, select tops that have a wider cut throughout the body.

pastel peasant top

Just a simple tips If you’re an avid gardener, cyclist or runner, you may want to try evening out your tan lines with a self-tanner.Apply a thin layer of sunscreen and allow it to dry before putting on any top that bares your shoulders, upper back, chest or arms. Just enjoy the summer as you enjoy your outfits that perfectly flattered to your figure.


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  1. Caftans Saga Said:

    Well said! Great for the beach or the pool. Summer glory in its fashion.

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