Jewelry add to your outfits

Most women are in the habit of wearing jewelry everyday of the week no matter what there profession is, unless maybe that person is a surgeon! Something that is done  so frequently should be done correctly. You may not be aware but there actually is a right and a wrong way to wear jewelry. This article is going to give you a few tips on how to add jewelry to just about any outfit, with the help of the Top branded designer clothes how are so genius to have this collections of jewelry. From Ralph Lauren, GUESS, DKNY, Armani Exchange and DKNY.

Women with jewelry

Let start in adding a necklace to your outfit is definitely one of the most popular jewelry choices out there. Since they come in so many different varieties there is literally a necklace for every occasion. Lately fashion has been driven more towards the large chunky necklaces that really stand out. These necklaces are good with evening wear, for a night on the town. For the work place especially if you work in an office situation you will want to stick to something smaller, and more discreet such as a gold chain or a small locket.

Top Branded Necklaces

Earrings are the next most important accessory you want to utilize.  Changing the way you wear earrings can change your entire look. If  you are dressing for the office it is best to stick with smaller earrings  such as studs or very small hoops. Save the big giant hoops for the club or a  day out shopping with the girls. Large hoops often look great with flowing skirts  and tank tops; the open shoulder will really highlight the earring. Many women are  fans of what you might call dangly earrings. Whether these are sterling silver or  beaded, they are often better suited for a night out to dinner with your spouse,  when you are wearing a sleek dress or dress casual clothing.

Top branded Earrings

Beautiful bracelets are often overshadowed by earrings and necklaces. This is too bad really since a nice bracelet can really set off your outfit. If you are dressing for a night out in either a party dress or even jeans and a nice top you should try a large chunky bracelet. They come in every shape and size and you are sure to find one to match your outfit. You might also try several small-layered bracelets for a situation like this. If you are dressing in a pants suit or any other office attire it is best to stick with small discreet tennis bracelets or none at all.

Top branded bracelet

Finding a middle ground with wearing rings is often hard. They are great especially if you are looking for something to dress up a simple outfit, but they can also be over worn. Stay away from very large bulky rings. These will only distract from your outfit, not add to it. When in doubt while choosing a ring, remember that your wedding ring is always appropriate no matter what the outfit or occasion.

Top branded rings

Try to find one special piece of jewelry for each outfit, that way you can have a sure thing every time! Always make sure your jewelry colors match the outfit colors. Just because it’s the right type of jewelry doesn’t mean it matches.


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