Tote Bag for fashion

Tote bags have long been the best way to tote things around. That’s probably how they got their name. But you don’t want to choose a tote bag that stands out like a sore thumb with your suit or looks like it belongs at a disco club when you’re going to the beach. You can choose a tote bag that fits your stuff and your needs. Here’s some of the top branded designer clothes who’s have a fashionable tote bag.


Ralph Lauren

Decide what you need the tote bag for. Don’t pick flowery wicker for your work bag and beaded leather won’t go over well at the beach. Make sure the bag is durable and fashionable enough to stand up to where you are going to carry it.



Pick a color. Work bags are most fashionable in solids or with a subtle design so it is at least somewhat professional. Pay attention to closures and compartments. If you work in a rainy climate, you may want a work bag that has a zippered top to keep your work files dry. You may also want at least one long, thin divider so the files also stay upright.



Choose the proper material. Leather looks the most professional; don’t do pleather or vinyl for work, especially on a tote bag that has a large, flat surface that heightens the material’s cheapness. Wicker is cute for the beach, but not all that durable. Abercrombie Tote bag  is a good pick for a lot of uses as it is durable and easily washable.

for function over fashion. Cute little bags may fall apart in their cute little way. You want something that could haul rocks if needed.


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