Be like Celebrities

Whether you want the style of Nicole Richie, JLo, Angelina Jolie, Katie holmes and Victoria  it’s fun to accessorize like the celebrities. Getting the look of the stars can become a creative shopping spree for you and your friends. Accessorize like a celebrity by choosing things such as bracelets, boots and handbags.

JLo, Angelina,Nicole, Victoria, Katie Holmes

Choose the celebrity who you want to resemble. You may not want to resemble their physical appearance, but rather their overall fashion wardrobe. Research the various types of accessories that your favorite celebrity wears.  Look carefully through magazines to see the fashion style of the celebrities that you want to look like. Pay attention to the brands of shoes, sunglasses, handbags Jeans and another stuff  that they show off.

Nicole Richie

Jeepers Peepers Nicole Sunglasses at ASOS

Michael Korr

Michael Kors ID Chain Shopper for Posh

JLo bootsJennifer Lopez “Damask” Suede Ankle Boots

Angelina Jolie Dress

Angelina Jolie black dress by Ralph Lauren

Katie Holmes

J Brand The Deal zipper jeans

Browse online and at your favorite boutiques to find similar accessories as your favorite celebrities.  Buy a few accessories that show off your personality and style. While the celebrity’s trademark items may be very influential in your decision process, only purchase accessories that best exhibit your taste too. You check visit this site designer clothes online there so many stuff there that you sure like it to be like a celebrities.


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