Right Sunglasses for you….

Choosing the right sunglasses means checking out more than ultra-violet protection. It’s also important to find a frame shape that flatters your features. Whether your face is oval, round, heart-shaped or square, there’s a sunglasses frame to fit.

First, determine your face shape. If you’re not sure, stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Tie your hair back or comb it away from your forehead to get a clear view. When you look directly at the mirror, what’s the first impression round, square, oval or rectangular?

Here’s some of Ralph Lauren Sunglasses that determine which sunglasses are flattered on  shape of your face.

sunglasses for round shape

Round Face

Shop to fit your face shape. If your face is round, look for square or rectangular frames. These minimize fullness in the cheeks and bring features into balance.

sunglasses for oval shape

Oval Face

Choose any trendy style if you have an oval face. Oval faces work with narrow, oversized, aviator or tinted shades easily. Lucky you!

sunglasses for square shapes

Square Face

Look for round and oval frames if your face tends to square features (including a square jawline). This will soften your overall look. Stay away from boxy, rectangular frames.

sunglasses for hearted shapes 2

Heart  Shape

Bring a heart-shaped face (one with a broad forehead and pointed chin) into balance with aviator frames. This style enhances a narrow jaw.


  • As with any fashion accessory, try on the styles of your choice to ensure a good fit. Make sure the sunglasses fit snugly over your ears and don’t slip down your nose.
  • Choose glasses tinted enough that you don’t squint, but not so dark that you have difficulty seeing.

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