Pants fashion Trends

If you want to be comfortable in a wide range of situations, you may want to wear pants. While in the past, pants were better saved for more casual outings, today it is easy to dress them up so they will be an appropriate and stylish choice for even the most formal setting. Some of the top designer clothes have this trends for this year. Such as Ralph Lauren, Guess and Armani Exchange.

Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren price tag may break the piggy bank, but these embellished harem pants are the ultimate investment buy for 2009  they’ll add sheen and shine to every outfit.

Armani Exchange

Armani Pants

The remake of the MC Hammer pants is actually pretty nice, sexy and seems comfortable. The sateen shiny look was okay, while we do not completely love the line, we actually do not entirely hate it either. Armani always finds a way to bring sexy back.


Guess Pants

Casual kick-around days never looked so good. Pair the cap-sleeve top with the linen cargos from GUESS.

Addtional tipsOpt for pants in basic colors that you can pair with many items to get the most for your money. Splurge on very well cut, classic styles that will be staples in your wardrobe for years
to come. Wear control-top stockings beneath your pants for a smoother fit. Don’t let panty lines ruin your look. Check your rear view before you go out.


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  1. Brigid Catherine Said:

    lol, I just wrote a blog entry ranting about harem pants! I found ur blog when I was looking for mine. Even though I don’t agree with you on this subject, I do like ur blog!

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