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Coordinate an Umbrella to your outfit

The purpose of an umbrella is simple: to keep you dry when it’s raining.  Umbrellas, however, are not just about function, but also about fashion. There was a time when umbrellas were as much a fashion accessory as a handbag is today, but over the years, that status has faded. The advent of the cheap tote umbrella eclipsed the stylish umbrella. In recent years, however, the fashionable umbrella has made a resurgence, and now you can and should coordinate your umbrella with your outfit to make a chic fashion statement.

Move beyond basic black. While a black umbrella may match a lot of outfits, it’s not really a fashion statement if everyone has the same umbrella. If you want to sport a black umbrella, look for one with a subtle pattern or design to make it more original.

black umbrella

Accent your outfit with your umbrella. Rather than matching a gray suit with a gray umbrella, match the umbrella to an accent color in your outfit like the color of your blouse or scarf. This will make your umbrella stand out instead of blend in. Match the patterns in your raincoat to the patterns in your umbrella. If you are wearing polka dots, opt for a polka-dot umbrella. Even if the colors don’t quite match, the patterns will communicate the theme nicely.

Polka Dots umbrellaConsider a monochromatic look. A great way to incorporate an umbrella into your outfit is to wear different shades of the same color. This can work for umbrellas with or without patterns.

same as bag and shoes

Coordinate the handle of your umbrella to your shoes or bag. You can find umbrellas with leather, rattan and wood handles that can match your other accessories. Handles also come in various colors and with designs of their own just like Ralph Lauren Umbrella. You can pick some of your choose umbrella that fit to your order. Just visit designerclothesonline.


Be like Celebrities

Whether you want the style of Nicole Richie, JLo, Angelina Jolie, Katie holmes and Victoria  it’s fun to accessorize like the celebrities. Getting the look of the stars can become a creative shopping spree for you and your friends. Accessorize like a celebrity by choosing things such as bracelets, boots and handbags.

JLo, Angelina,Nicole, Victoria, Katie Holmes

Choose the celebrity who you want to resemble. You may not want to resemble their physical appearance, but rather their overall fashion wardrobe. Research the various types of accessories that your favorite celebrity wears.  Look carefully through magazines to see the fashion style of the celebrities that you want to look like. Pay attention to the brands of shoes, sunglasses, handbags Jeans and another stuff  that they show off.

Nicole Richie

Jeepers Peepers Nicole Sunglasses at ASOS

Michael Korr

Michael Kors ID Chain Shopper for Posh

JLo bootsJennifer Lopez “Damask” Suede Ankle Boots

Angelina Jolie Dress

Angelina Jolie black dress by Ralph Lauren

Katie Holmes

J Brand The Deal zipper jeans

Browse online and at your favorite boutiques to find similar accessories as your favorite celebrities.  Buy a few accessories that show off your personality and style. While the celebrity’s trademark items may be very influential in your decision process, only purchase accessories that best exhibit your taste too. You check visit this site designer clothes online there so many stuff there that you sure like it to be like a celebrities.

Belt fits to your outfits

Adding a belt to an outfit can be an incredible way to add style and class to what you are wearing. Wearing the wrong belt can bring unfavorable results, but wearing the right belt can take an outfit to the next level. I gathered some latest design for Ralph Lauren from the bigger one to smaller to a most colorful to simple. They have also scarf use as belt.

Big size of beltDetermine the size of the belt that you need for your outfit. If you are wearing a dress or a “one piece shirt,” go with a bigger belt. If you are wearing two separate pieces, or jeans, go with a smaller belt . While the size of the belt does not necessarily have to fit this pattern, it is a surefire way to know that it will work.

scarf as belt

Determine the style of belt that fits your outfit. If you are going with a bigger belt, you generally have one style; flat and large. If you are going with a smaller belt, however, you have multiple options. You may go with the normal type of belt, but may also use a scarf as a belt. The different styles will compliment different types of wardrobes.

colorful belts

Determine the color of the belt. This is tricky, and requires some experience as far as matching colors is concerned. If you like to play it safe, simply pick a neutral color belt that contrasts the color of what you are wearing; if you are wearing dark, go with a lighter belt. If you are wearing light, go with a darker belt.

Suggestion gift for your loveone..

Whether it’s in honor of a special occasion or because he really needs clothes, buying for a man can be a tricky proposition. What we like and think will flatter him may leave him raising his brows.  Or, he may be so picky that only certain brand names, colors or styles are an option. So what’s a mate to do?

ask a question

Show him some things you’d consider buying as a gift for your dad, brother or friend and ask his opinion. If he senses the attention is not on him, he may offer insight into what he does or doesn’t like in terms of style and color. So that it will not give him any idea that the gift is for him.

looking for the closet

Get into his closet and peek into his drawers to take in his entire clothing collection. Think of all the things you’ve seen him in and compare them to the things you’ve rarely seen him in. Purchase items that resemble the former.Get into his closet and peek into his drawers to take in his entire clothing collection. Think of all the things you’ve seen him in and compare them to the things you’ve rarely seen him in. Purchase items that resemble the former.

know his size

Make a note of the sizes of his favorite shirts and pants. Look at the cuts of his clothes and think about whether he tends to favor a looser or tighter fit.

Ralph Lauren Store

Hit the stores and shop. Let sales associates know about your mission and get their feedback on what guys like yours have been buying for themselves. You can visit Ralph Lauren since there so many stuff that you can like for your love one especially there Polo Shirts.

Buy the brand names that he wears most often. Chances are good that they fit him best and offer the prints and fabrics he prefers or if you want you place your order online you can try this where you can find some top branded design that your love one surely liked it.

Right Sunglasses for you….

Choosing the right sunglasses means checking out more than ultra-violet protection. It’s also important to find a frame shape that flatters your features. Whether your face is oval, round, heart-shaped or square, there’s a sunglasses frame to fit.

First, determine your face shape. If you’re not sure, stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Tie your hair back or comb it away from your forehead to get a clear view. When you look directly at the mirror, what’s the first impression round, square, oval or rectangular?

Here’s some of Ralph Lauren Sunglasses that determine which sunglasses are flattered on  shape of your face.

sunglasses for round shape

Round Face

Shop to fit your face shape. If your face is round, look for square or rectangular frames. These minimize fullness in the cheeks and bring features into balance.

sunglasses for oval shape

Oval Face

Choose any trendy style if you have an oval face. Oval faces work with narrow, oversized, aviator or tinted shades easily. Lucky you!

sunglasses for square shapes

Square Face

Look for round and oval frames if your face tends to square features (including a square jawline). This will soften your overall look. Stay away from boxy, rectangular frames.

sunglasses for hearted shapes 2

Heart  Shape

Bring a heart-shaped face (one with a broad forehead and pointed chin) into balance with aviator frames. This style enhances a narrow jaw.


  • As with any fashion accessory, try on the styles of your choice to ensure a good fit. Make sure the sunglasses fit snugly over your ears and don’t slip down your nose.
  • Choose glasses tinted enough that you don’t squint, but not so dark that you have difficulty seeing.

Gorgeous Black

Nothing is as timeless and chic as black clothing. If you love wearing basic black and usually get mistaken for a perennial  New Yorker everyday, here are a few ways to wear the neutral shade while adding interest and flair.

Here’s some of the new designs comes from the timeless designer clothes Ralph Lauren. See how RL create  black to a extremely trends in able to enjoy this gorgeous color black.

Ralph Lauren

Look for black clothing that has texture such as beading, embellishments or small ruffles. This will add visual interest and perk up any black ensemble this is really gorgeous coming from Ralph Lauren.

Black dress with belt

You can also add colorful belt to more in hands your figure and adds sophisticated to you.

Black Dress 2

Try to wear colorful necklaces to bit the darkness of black.

Black dress

Pay attention to fit. A perfectly tailored black outfit always looks stylish as opposed to ill-fitting attire.

Remember,To keep black clothes lint-free, use a lint brush or wrap a piece of packing tape around your hand sticky side up and gently pat.

Pants fashion Trends

If you want to be comfortable in a wide range of situations, you may want to wear pants. While in the past, pants were better saved for more casual outings, today it is easy to dress them up so they will be an appropriate and stylish choice for even the most formal setting. Some of the top designer clothes have this trends for this year. Such as Ralph Lauren, Guess and Armani Exchange.

Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren price tag may break the piggy bank, but these embellished harem pants are the ultimate investment buy for 2009  they’ll add sheen and shine to every outfit.

Armani Exchange

Armani Pants

The remake of the MC Hammer pants is actually pretty nice, sexy and seems comfortable. The sateen shiny look was okay, while we do not completely love the line, we actually do not entirely hate it either. Armani always finds a way to bring sexy back.


Guess Pants

Casual kick-around days never looked so good. Pair the cap-sleeve top with the linen cargos from GUESS.

Addtional tipsOpt for pants in basic colors that you can pair with many items to get the most for your money. Splurge on very well cut, classic styles that will be staples in your wardrobe for years
to come. Wear control-top stockings beneath your pants for a smoother fit. Don’t let panty lines ruin your look. Check your rear view before you go out.