Fashionable Sarong

A sarong is a large piece of fabric, It is typically wrapped around the waist and worn as a cover-up or skirt. A sarong can be worn by a man or a woman, and it is found in many different cultures. Choosing your own fabric for a sarong allows you to customize and personalize your sarong, as well as make it in a size that fits you well. The hardest part of sewing a sarong may be choosing the fabric!

You can tie a sarong in dozens of ways and use it as your only garment, as another layer on top of a dress or pants and a tunic or camisole top or as a scarf. Once you master the two basic techniques below, both of which use a sarong as a layer, you can experiment with your own style. Here’s some example of in how to mix up your fashion while wearing your sarong.  I grab some picture from Ralph Lauren and Tribal.

Ralph Lauren

Well, summer cannot be more fashionable without your sarong to your body. It’s not only the sexy bodies you can reach of your eyes to see in the beach but also the brighten and colorful sarongs.

Here some of the style that you can do to you sarong.

Tribal sarong


Remember you don’t have to be so geniuse in doing this trends. Just do wat ever you want to do in available to mix up  your being a creative.


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