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Necklace give’s more fashion.

Simple or elegant, bold or beautiful, the right necklace will flatter any neckline you choose. Choosing the right neckline is like a little review in geometry. But forget the pop quiz  use this new tool to balance your figure and enhance your face.

Consider the occasion. Opt for a simple, understated piece for daytime and a more precious or extravagant piece for evening. You can wear this stuff to make you  more glamorous and stand out especially in parties. Wear your favorite dress from some of the Top designer such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Guess, Armani exchange and more…

layered-tropic-bead-necklacesLayered tropic bead-necklaces

Make a statement with tropical necklaces. Layer three necklaces with different sizes, shapes and colors  of tropical beads. This look will work from daytime to evening.

Ralph Lauren necklaces

This multi-bead necklace from the Lauren by Ralph Lauren collection features layers of reconstituted turquoise,  lapis and glass-pearl beads. It’s the perfect necklace for a summer party or special event.

Hollywood stars Necklaces

While many chose to let the gowns speak for themselves and go with bare necks on the red carpet,these ladies were rocking knockout necklaces. From Nicole Kidman’s dramatic icicle-like layered necklace to Jennifer Gardner’s choker, all of these ladies had a little, or a lot, of frosting on their necks.

Fashion is fickle. If you find a set of necklines that look good on you, stock up! Square necks, mock turtlenecks, scoop necks and jewel neck tops often cycle in and out of fashion.


Fashionable Sarong

A sarong is a large piece of fabric, It is typically wrapped around the waist and worn as a cover-up or skirt. A sarong can be worn by a man or a woman, and it is found in many different cultures. Choosing your own fabric for a sarong allows you to customize and personalize your sarong, as well as make it in a size that fits you well. The hardest part of sewing a sarong may be choosing the fabric!

You can tie a sarong in dozens of ways and use it as your only garment, as another layer on top of a dress or pants and a tunic or camisole top or as a scarf. Once you master the two basic techniques below, both of which use a sarong as a layer, you can experiment with your own style. Here’s some example of in how to mix up your fashion while wearing your sarong.  I grab some picture from Ralph Lauren and Tribal.

Ralph Lauren

Well, summer cannot be more fashionable without your sarong to your body. It’s not only the sexy bodies you can reach of your eyes to see in the beach but also the brighten and colorful sarongs.

Here some of the style that you can do to you sarong.

Tribal sarong


Remember you don’t have to be so geniuse in doing this trends. Just do wat ever you want to do in available to mix up  your being a creative.

Belt your fashions

You’re all set to go out and hit the town, but feel something is missing in your outfit of choice for the day. Whether day or night, belts have exploded this season as a way to add that extra something to your everyday attire. This article shows you how to find the belts that work best for you, with your body type and clothing choices. In able you to pick which belt can make you more fab in fashion. This designer clothes try to concord the trends of belt.

From Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren plaid belt



GUESS Rhinestone ‘G’ Buckle Belt

From Armani Exchange


Armani Belt

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, as many clothing stores have them reasonably priced. If you don’t want to spend any money, rummage through your closet and find a few belts you haven’t worn in a few years. Brush the dust off them and get ready to style!

fashions Skirts

If you want to spice up your wardrobe, consider adding a few skirts into the mix. Skirts can be a feminine, very fashionable alternative to pants. They are also very comfortable and easy to wear, and best of all, you can dress them up, or down, as needed so you’ll be ready for any event that comes up.

Here’s some of  the skirts you can wear for every day activities. Just like sports leisure or even you are in work.

untitled 1


Fashion designers for designer clothes these days like Ralph Lauren makes very stylish and let’s say sexy and cute mini skirts. The miniskirt was the first skirt to go above the knee since prehistoric man chose to slip into something more comfortable.

Ralph lauren Summer Shorts

Walking shorts are a cool comfortable alternative to sweatpants. Any athletic wear wardrobe should include several pairs of walking shorts.Any good athletic workout requires a cool down period and walking shorts cool the skin naturally.There are many names for this trend, the walking short,  the city short, the Bermuda short…whatever it is. I’ve given in.  I have one pair. Count ‘em. One. And they’re going to increase come the warmer months. But, like so many of these fancy spring trends, how do you wear them without looking like a fool? Well, i found out some Ralph Lauren summer shorts. Some of them looks great and fashionable. Try to look at them and find which summer can fix to you.


Fashion Michael Kors


This Ralph Lauren Summer shorts can wear anytime and anywhere. With a comfatable fabrics and cuts of design you make feel more fashionable everytime you wore this.

Umbrella for Fashion

Umbrella or parasol  is a canopy designed to protect against precipitation or sunlight. The term parasol usually refers to an item designed to protect from the sun, and umbrella refers to a device more suited to protect from rain. Often the difference is the material; some parasols are not waterproof.

Ralph Lauren create his collection of umbrella. His intelligence in creating in fashion and choosing  high class materials. Here’s some of the umbrella that RL produce.

cartier umbrella ring tree

IMG_6998Picture 2
Umbrella is an essential item to take on any trip for a daily outdoors activties especially for the sensitive skin. The sun’s ray can be very harmful and damaging to skin, and the use of a umbrella provides some protection. Additionally, the shade from a  umbrella offers a cool retreat from the hot sun or even in the rain weather.