RL sporting watch Collection

Many people need to get used to wearing a watch before they are comfortable with it. Some people always need to know the time, but they feel wearing a watch is a hassle, so they never wear one. However, wearing a watch saves you time and embarrassment. If you don’t wear one you constantly have to ask someone the time and you may be late. Now you much love your watch especially if it is  one of the collection of Ralph Lauren.

Designer Ralph Lauren has entered the watch arena, with three eponymous collections, including the “Sporting Collection,” distinguished by functional screws and Roman numerals–rarely seen on sports watches with the help ofcourse of Richemont Group, they create different fashionable watch that can be wear anytime and anywhere.

untitled 1Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection


she wear polo shirts from  Ralph Lauren with Chronograph watch


RL model wear an elegant black dress with Ralph Lauren  Gold watch

As the luxury watch market feels the pressure from the economy on its shoulders, you wouldn’t expect to see new brands popping up. Regardless, this partnership between Polo Ralph Lauren and the Richemont Group took seed before the economic hit really began and there was no stopping this seemingly immune connection of fashion and haute horology.


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