Lampadario orecchini on Ralph lauren

Chandelier earring or Lampadario Orecchini in Italian.

Have you try to wear this kind of accessories?  Each woman knows that earrings plays a significant role in creating the right image or fashion. But are you aware of how to wear and combine this kind of earrings so that they make your image successfully rather than ruin it completely. Ralph Lauren designer find the solution on this.. Find out what Lampadario orecchini will fix on you..

untitled 1

untitled 2

Chandelier earrings can be elegant and formal or fun and flirty, depending on what they’re worn with and the materials from which they’re made.A platinum earring set with Swarovski crystals obviously leans toward dressy. But they can also be worn with a black turtleneck and dark jeans for a contemporary yet casual first date or Girls Night Out.

Ralph Lauren 8

green earnings

Some face shapes look great in chandelier earrings, while others come off looking rounder or thinner than preferred.  On this  trend shows that the design of Ralph Lauren can be more stand out along kinds of Lampadario Orecchini.


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